XeD - Exceed Design & Prototyping, Inc.

About Us

XeD Design & Prototyping, Inc. was incorporated in August 2000 and is located at the intersection of routes 495, 119 and 110 in Littleton Common Massachusetts.

Members of the company Russ Stanton, Bob Gaudreau, Alan McKay, Mike Connor, and Ted Daley have combined experience of over 60 years in the fields of Design, Prototyping, DFM/A and Manufacturing and have designed and built literally hundreds of products and parts for the computer, medical, automotive and other industries.

XeD offers a complete solution from product concept through design, analysis, prototyping and short run production.

Company resources include 3300 square feet of industrial and office space, fully equipped machine shop with CNC and CAD/CAM workstations.

XeD Offers Services Such As:

Mechanical Engineering CAD/CAM
Prototyping FEA
Mechanical Design DFM/A
First Run Production Volume Production Resource
Moldflow Analysis

Russ Stanton holds a Masters degree in Manufacturing Engineering with a concentration in DFM/A from the University of Rhode Island and a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. He has about 16 years experience in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Design and Manufacturing Engineering as well as several years experience as a technician working with advanced composites.
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Alan McKay - On February 4th Alan McKay joined Exceed Design and Prototyping. Alan brings 18 years of engineering experience to Exceed. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MS in Manufacturing Engineering. His background includes experience in the aircraft and automotive industries in both product design and manufacturing.

In the aircraft industry he designed aircraft structural components primarily in sheet metal. In addition, he also did significant design work using varied aerospace composite materials. He was also responsible for troubleshooting product related production and field problems, cost reduction, and quality improvements.

In the automotive industry, he engineered sheet metal and hardware product components primarily for body structure application. During future vehicle development assignments he worked on the development of complete body architectures for use 8 to 10 years in the future. Manufacturing assignments included assembly plant body shop design and layout, assembly plant body shop tooling installation, general assembly plant layout, and work cell design and optimization.

He has also worked with engineering and business applications of PCs and Work Stations for nearly 25 years giving him experience in many different software and hardware applications. This broad based, long term, exposure to a computer environment makes him comfortable in adapting to new developments in software and hardware in the rapidly advancing CAE environment.

In achieving his Masters Degree, Alan studied with Professor Geoffrey Boothroyd and was involved in the early development of DFA and DFM theories and applied methods. His work is acknowledged in the recent Second Edition of Product Design for Manufacture and Assembly by Boothroyd, Dewhurst, and Knight, which is the primary text on the subject of DFMA used for instruction at most of the worlds Major Universities.

A requested speaker at the annual International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Alan is a recognized expert on DFMA theory and application.

Bob Gaudreau In July 2001, Robert (Bob) Gaudreau brought 30 plus years of experience as a Mechanical Technician/Engineer to Exceed Design and Prototyping, Inc.

His mechanical career began in the U.S. Navy working on aircraft as plane captain for his commanding officer. Bob continued his career as an apprentice Tool and Die Maker while working in the lock and key industry receiving his certification in 1979 continuing on into the early 1980s when he joined the computer industry. Bob specialized in building test machinery, tools, bending and forming dies, and test fixtures for the computer industry (major contributions to printed circuit boards, storage and chip manufacturing).

After three years, Bob joined the engineering department / team as a prototype and fixture specialist. During this time he worked with design engineers to produce hundreds of high tolerance products.

Bob has been recognized for the quality of his work and contributions to product designs. He can conceptualize a complex idea/design and with his foresight, he often offers suggestions that enrich or enhance the finished product.
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Mike Connor Michael Connor joined XeD Design and Prototyping in October, 2002. He earned his Associates in Computer Aided Drafting and Design Technology in 1997 from Middlesex Community College in Bedford, MA, and has been doing Mechanical Design and Drafting for about five years. During that time he has helped to create and support a variety of medical products, including noninvasive cardiac resuscitation devices, chart recorders, laser equipment used in cosmetic surgery, and surgical instruments used in spinal and cranial surgical procedures using image guidance equipment. His ingenuity, eye for detail, and well thought-out designs make him a welcome addition to the staff.
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Ted Daley With the addition of Ted in November 2002, XeD is now able to add Industrial design solutions to clients. Ted holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Industrial Design from the Massachusetts College of Art and brings with him seven years of experience in product design. His ability to visualize innovative product concepts has provided companies like 3M, Georgia Pacific, and Breakaway Imaging with a competitive edge. With a strong technical background and a keen eye for aesthetics Ted consistently provides our clients cost effective, robust design solutions.